Disney Infinity Character Review: Violet

Violet is the teenage heroine of the Incredible family. She possesses psychic powers that allow her to create force blasts, force fields, and turn invisible. Violet is one of the more powerful characters in the game.

violet combat


Violet begins her melee combo with two force blasts. Pressing the attack button twice is a great way to fight from a distance. Continuing her combo has her get up close to her enemies. She ends with a surrounding force bubble that can hit multiple enemies. She also has a powerful uppercut that can either follow with a more powerful force blast or a great striking attack. Violet can also turn invisible, which can confuse some enemies and is useful for sneak attacks.


Attack power: ****

Reflexes: ***

violet box

Violet is a more technical character, but once you get used to her play style, she can be a valuable member of your team. No one should mess with this super girl.

girl power pack

Violet is also available in the Girl Power pack, which also includes Vanellope and Rapunzel.

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