What should be in Disney Infinity 3.0?

While no announcement has been made for a 3rd Disney Infinity, here’s my personal list of who and what should be in 3.0 and why.

Playable Characters:

  • Luke Skywalker: Starting in a possible Star Wars play set, Luke would make a great starter character. He should be able to use his lightsaber and the force to fight.
  • Princess Leia: Another starting character for the Star Wars play set. She has no trouble defending herself with a blaster.
  • Han Solo: Who wouldn’t want to be Han Solo? Combat skills both near and far, he would be so much fun to play as.
  • Chewbacca: With Han Solo playable, surely Chewy had to be there too. Not only is he tough, but he can shoot his blaster too.
  • Darth Vader: Isn’t it obvious why he should be playable? Hopefully we can perform his signature force choke.
  • Boba Fett: Another possibility would be this bounty hunter. He’d make a great flying character with his jetpack.
  • Sora: Might not be possible, but would be awesome to play as the master of the Keyblade.
  • Hercules: I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t playable in 2.0. I would love to see his god-like strength in action.
  • Mulan: Another character I hoped was going to be in 2.0. Her Kung-Fu power and the ability to summon Mushu would be fun.
  • Goofy: They have Mickey and Donald, so why not Goofy? I think his move set would be unpredictable.
  • Your Disney Side: The custom character feature that puts YOU in the game. Choose from a wide variety of Disney clothes to wear and even customize your fight style.


  • Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder: Starting off the Star Wars vehicles would be Luke’s Tatooine landspeeder from A New Hope.
  • Millennium Falcon: Take to the skies in Han’s ship.
  • X-Wing: Luke’s spaceship of choice for galactic travel.
  • Speeder Bike:  The hover bike from Return of the Jedi.
  • Tauntaun: Hoth’s smelly mounts from Revenge of the Sith.
  • Banta: The big, furry beasts from A New Hope.
  • Tie Fighter: The Sith’s attack ships
  • Jack Skellington’s Snowmobile: The Christmas town themed vehicle from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Mayor’s Hearse: The Mayor of Halloween Town’s hearse.
  • Lilo and Stitch’s red buggy: Lilo and Stitch’s alien experiment hunter.
  • Doom Buggy: The haunted vehicles from the Haunted Mansion attraction.
  • Benny: I saw concept art of Benny being a possible car in 2.0. Make it happen!
  • Flying Tire: A hovering tire from Luigi’s Flying Tires attraction.
  • Zypher: A flying vehicle from the Zypher attraction.
  • Flying Vehicles from Atlantis
  • RC: Andy’s remote controlled racer from Toy Story.
  • Pegesus: Hercule’s flying horse.


Well that’s my personal list. What do you think should be in 3.0? Leave a comment below for your answer.

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