Disney Infinity Character review: Dash

One second, he’s in front of you. The next, he’s miles away. Dash is the super fast family member of the Incredibles. Don’t underestimate this kid. He can hold his own in a fight and make quick escapes. Dash is a personal favorite PIXAR character of mine, because he reminds me of me when I was a kid.



Dash has super speed, which lets him run fast and knock some enemies out of his way. He makes rapid punches and kicks to keep enemies in place while he beats them to a pulp. Be careful tho, because his fight style is pretty reckless, so be sure he doesn’t get swarmed. Dash is harder to control, but he makes a great character once you master him. Not only is he good in his play set and the 1.0 toy boxes, he’s better in Disney Infinity 2.0.


Melee: ***

Super Speed attack: ***

Reflexes: ****

dash box

Dash is a real in-your-face kind of character, who prefers to fight up close and personal with his enemies. Catch him if you can.

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