Smash Bros. DLC review: Corrin and Bayonetta

I know, I am way behind on this review. I meant to do it earlier, but things got chaotic. Anyway, for Super Smash Bros. final DLC, they have added 2 more characters. Corrin, from the new Fire Embelm games, and Bayonetta, the umbra witch. Kinda disappointed that they made Tails a Mii Costume for gunners, but whatever.

corrin male and female


Corrin is a sword fighter, born with the powers of a dragon. He (or she) wields the Yato sword, a weapon with a moving blade. He uses both the sword and his dragon powers to his advantage. Dragon Fang Shot is a powerful attack that starts with an energy ball that stuns enemies. He then follows up with a strong bite attack that can send enemies flying when you do enough damage to them. Dragon Lunge lets him spear the ground and pin opponents. He can follow this up with a dashing attack or a jump. Draconic Ascent has powerful KO potential, but does not have a lot of reach. If you can time Counter Surge just right, you’ll perform an extremely powerful counter attack. Corrin’s final smash turns him into a dragon and send enemies flying with a whirlpool. Overall, I think Corrin is a fun addition to the roster.

Bayonetta smash


Now for the most requested character in the Smash Ballot, Bayonetta. She is an Umbra Witch with demon summoning hair and four guns, two in her hands, and two on her feet. Bayonetta is dangerous from both a distance and up close. She can shoot from a distance, land aerial combos, and deliver some devastating blows. Her Heel Slide boosts her forward on the ground, while After Burner Kick boosts her forward in the air. Witch Twist is a unique recovery move, because you can perform it in midair, double jump, then do it again. Witch Time is Bayonetta’s counter, where she slows down the opponent, allowing her to land a powerful blow on them. Her Final Smash, Infernal Climax slows everyone down, allowing you to rack up damage. After a smash attack, Bayonetta summons Gomorrah to damage them more. If the opponent has more that 100% damage, they are KOed no matter where they are. Bayonetta is kinda tough to use, but a master can really keep the pressure on. I’m glad they put in such a popular character in Smash.

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