Saints Row IV Commander-in-Chief pack DLC review

This pack was a pre-order bonus for Saints Row IV, but is now available to everyone. This DLC includes a new suit, a new jet, and a new weapon.

uncle sam suit

Uncle Sam Suit

This new suit will let you dress up as Uncle Sam. You get his hat and beard, a patriotic vest and tie, and American striped pants. I find this outfit very amusing. You running around, shooting aliens as Uncle Sam is just silly fun


Next is the vehicle in your Helipad, a jet modeled to look like the American symbol, the bald eagle. It controls the same way as the F-69 VTOL in the previous game. The Saints Row series is famous for outlandish vehicles, and this one is no exception. It’s very funny looking and awesome at the same time.


Lastly, you get this beauty of a weapon. The ‘Merica gun pretty much rewrites the definition of overkill. It has two firing modes, a minigun and flamethrower combo, or a minigun and rocket launcher combo. It’s possibly the most powerful weapon in the game. However, it’s recoil causes your aim to go upwards, and this beast goes through ammo in a matter of seconds, so aim carefully and don’t get carried away.

It is so worth getting this downloadable content. There’s no more American than this. A cool outfit, a sick jet, and an even sicker weapon. I give this DLC a 5/5 stars.

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