Super Smash Bros. DLC review: Cloud and Midgar Stage

Honestly, I only know Cloud because of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Advent Children. When I first heard that Cloud was going to be added in Smash, I was very surprised. Guess all those votes for Cloud on the Smash Ballot was worth it after all.


Cloud Gameplay

Cloud can be best described as a glass cannon. He can deliver some serious pain, but he can’t take too much of it. His giant Buster Sword gives him great reach and he wields that huge sword with no heft. He’s pretty nimble too! Cloud has some strong smash attacks and pretty good specials. Blade beam is a long ranged attack that’s very useful for finishing combos, or keeping recovering enemies back. Cross Slash is a powerful combo attack that can send enemies flying. Try dashing, then use this move. Chimhazzard is Cloud’s recovery move. It focuses on height, rather than distance, so be careful not to get launched. If you press the button again, you’ll come dropping down with the sword, somewhat like Kirby’s Final Cutter move. And then there’s Limit Break. This meter charges while Cloud is fighting and taking damage. You can charge this up manually, but it’s very slow. Trust me tho, Limit Break is worth it, because it makes one special move super powerful! Especially his Finishing Touch move, which is only available when limit is fully charged. Cloud’s Final Smash is his famous Omnislash, which works a lot like Ike’s Great Aether. Overall, Cloud is super fun to play as.



Along with Cloud, you also get the Midgar stage, from Final Fantasy VII. This stage does look very similar to the Battlefield stage. The only difference is that occasionally, Summon Materia will appear on the stage. Whoever grabs it first will get some help from monsters. Their immense powers lead to some mass destruction. If you summoned one of them, try lining them up into their deadly attacks.

This will be my last Blog for this year. I am taking a holiday break. So Happy Holidays, everyone!

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