Characters that should have been in Disney Infinity

With Disney Infinity no longer in further development, there won’t be anymore new characters. It is pretty sad, buy I am still disappointed that they didn’t add certain characters to the game. Here is my list of characters that should have been added to the roster.


1. Ariel

With the announcement of Finding Dory characters in Disney Infinity, you’d think they would have also added Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Missed opportunity there, guys. I imagine Ariel would be a fast fighter who would attack using her fins to smack enemies around. She could also throw her “thingamabobs” as a ranged attack, like Dinglehoppers or Snortblats. I also had the idea for her to throw Flounder as a ranged attack that hits multiple enemies. Her special move would be called Mermaid Song. With it, she can make enemies fight for her, similar to Minnie’s special move. On top of all that, I imagine she could umm… “swim fly” Around the various worlds.


2. Ursula

Along with Ariel, it would of also been fun to add Ursula the sea witch into the game. She could attack using her tentacles as a mid ranged melee attack. Ursula could also throw explosive potions that blow enemies back. Her special move would turn surrounding enemies into those creepy little things, leaving them defenseless.

Ghost Rider

3. Ghost Rider

The Spirit of Vengeance himself, Ghost Rider would send enemies into the underworld. His mystical chains would be able to pull enemies close to him, deliver punishing blows, and possibly let him swing around the worlds. Ghost Rider could also shoot flaming skulls which he can charge for explosive results. He would use Vengeance as a special move, where he summons flames from the ground, and enemies around him would slow down and take damage over time. Tho it would be hard to make him suitable for a game rated E10+.


4. Deadpool

Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool. This guy is everywhere, and for good reasons. Mainly because he’s so awesome. With a healing factor, dual swords and dual guns, Deadpool would be a force to be reckoned with. Oh and don’t get me started on all the 4th Wall breaks. He would talk about how handsome his figure is, and for a specail move, he would “drop the base”, as in bring out a Disney Infinity base and slam enemies in front of him. Tho again, would be hard to bring him into a game rated E10+.


5. Hercules

Ok, how did Hercules not make it to Disney Infinity? He’s a powerful hero with incredible strength! He could beat down and lift enemies with ease, rush right into them, and fire arrows at them. Hercules could also become immortal, making him immune to damage for a short time.


6. Beast

No, not the X-Man Beast, but the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Now hear me out on this one. With the upcoming live action remake and inspired from Kingdom Hearts, Beast would be a fast powerhouse and an awesome addition to Disney Infinity. He could rush in and perform a powerful tackle that sends enemies back. Beast could use his claws to tear enemies apart. He could roar to send enemies back as well. On top of all that, he would have heightened senses and a super jump. For his special move, he would take a feral stance, making him much faster and much more powerful.

Well that’s my list. Lemme know if there are other characters you would have liked to see in the game.

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