Disney Infinity Play Set review: Cars

Today I’m going to review the Cars Play Set for Disney Infinity and all 4 Cars characters, since they all control the same. In the Cars play set, it’s all about racing and stunting. Luigi has opened a new Grand Prix in Radiator Springs, and it’s up to you to bring in racers and an audience by beautifying the small town. You start off with Lightning McQueen and Holly Shiftwell


In Radiator Springs, you’ll be racing around in a nice variety of dirt tracks, helping out other cars, catching speeders, and you get to rebuild Radiator Springs the way you want it. This play set is great if you’re a racing game fan like me.


There is also a stunt park that you can build. There are missions where you can perform stunts for points, kinda like Tony Hawk games, only with a car. It’s a nice break from just racing around, tho I find the controls on grinding can be a little awkward.

Overall, the Cars play set is an enjoyable play set for anyone who’s a Cars and/or racing fan. Defiantly give it a try. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Now for all the Cars characters. There are, from left to right, Holly Shiftwell, Lightning McQueen (both in the Cars Playset), Mater, and Francesco (sold separately). Your controls are pretty much like every other vehicle in this game. In terms of combat, they can ram into enemies or use an assortment of vehicle weapons like machine guns, similar to games like Twisted Metal. Unlike other vehicles, Cars characters have more boost meter. In two player mode, other characters on foot can sit on top of you, and you can tow other characters and cars.


Cars characters work best in other race track toy boxes, since all they can do is drive around. Still, Cars characters are great for expanding your garage.

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