Beat Hazard Review

Beat Hazard is a space shooter indie game that is powered by your music. This means everything from the power of your laser beam, to the enemies on screen are synchronized to your music. Got it?



Beat Hazard has two control modes. In single stick mode, you move your ship as it automatically shoots enemies, where as in twin stick mode, you control the ship’s movement and direction of the laser beam. Single stick is great for novices, and twin stick is a great challenge for advanced players. Beat Hazard works really well with techno music, heavy metal, and anything with fast, loud beats. I personally recommend getting the mobile version of this game, because all your music is conveniently in it. It’s crazy fun shooting enemy ships while listening to DragonForce. The game can get repetitive if you play it for quite a while, but it’s fun to see how your music works on this game. You can even upgrade your ship to have power ups, like an ultra beam and micro missiles! And it’s not too expensive. Just 5 dollars! So give this rocking game a try!

beat hazard

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