Disney Infinity 2.0 Character Review: Baymax

Baymax is the adorable, robotic, health care companion with a soft inside, and a hard shell outside. I really like Baymax for his awkward, yet caring nature. Not only that, he’s an awesome fighting robot!

Baymax gameplay


Baymax can be best described as a jet-powered tank. He may be big, but he’s got some fast and powerful moves. Thanks to the combat file Hiro made, Baymax fights using a combination of kung-fu and robot fighting abilities. His combo attack delivers quick and powerful chops and kicks, overwhelming enemies. He also has a strong uppercut move, which he can then follow up by charging super fast at the enemy. Baymax’s rocket fist is a decent ranged attack that stuns enemies a bit, but when upgraded, it can hit multiple enemies at once! For his special move, Baymax fires both of his rocket fists forward in a sweeping action, taking out anyone in front of him. On top of all that power, Baxmax can have protective shields and can fly fast. And just like in the movie, Hiro can ride on Baymax’s back. Baymax is a personal favorite of mine in this game and I highly recommend him for Toy Box Takeover.


Melee: ****

Ranged light: **

Ranged strong: ***

Reflexes: **

Special move: ****

Baymax box

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