Band Review: BABYMETAL


What do you get when you mix Japanese pop with heavy metal? You get BABYMETAL, a kawaii metal (cute metal) band from Japan. Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking. J-pop and metal together is such a strange combination. True, but BABYMETAL has proved that the two genres can be mixed beautifully.

I first heard of BABYMETAL when my dad emailed me an internet newsletter on them. In the newsletter was a Youtube video of one of their songs, Gimme Chocolate. So, I checked out the video. They blew my mind! I started checking out more of their music videos. Soon, I was out and about, buying their album.

Songs and sound

BABYMETAL stands out by having 3 cute Japanese girls singing and dancing, while 4 guys play the metal. Their music delivers the hard and driving sounds of heavy metal, with some death metal vocals mixed in. Naturally, they sing in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand them to enjoy them. Some of their songs remind me of hard rocking anime opening themes. The songs I enjoy most fromĀ  them are Megitsune, Gimme Chocolate, Akatsuki, Head Bangya, and Ijime Dame Zettai. If I had to pick one song that best represents what BABYMETAL is, it has to be Gimme Chocolate.

Seeing them live

I actually have seen them perform at the MGM Grand Garden Arena when they were on tour with Lady Gaga. They were a lot of fun to watch onstage. The band sounded great, and the girls sang while performing choreographed dances.Their set list was a little short, but they still rocked out and got the crowd warmed up. I would totally see them live again.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, BABYMETAL is the band for you. Start by checking out their videos on Youtube, then get the album if you really enjoy them.


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