Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Go’s recent update has added the baby Pokemon of Generation 2. For now, you are able to hatch the little cuties from 2, 5, or 10 km eggs.These Pokemon include Pichu, Togapi, Igglybuff, and more. You can also hatch and find Santa hat Pikachu.

This is the first step towards Generation 2 Pokemon being added into Pokemon Go. When they do show up, I have some suggestions on other things to add.

1. Increaced Pokemon Storage

Currently, you can only store up to 250 Pokemon at a time. If they’re adding more Pokemon, there should be more space to hold them all.

2. Shiny Pokemon

I believe there is a possible chance for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon go. It would be great for those die hard Pokemon fans

3. Pokemon Mini games

Wanna take a break from walking and play with your Pokemon. There should be some type based mini games for you and your Pokemon to enjoy.

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