Electronic Review: Apple TV

From the makers of the iPhone and the Mac PC comes the Apple TV. With it, you can watch YouTube videos on your TV screen, watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, and check other apps like Crunchyroll, WWE, and VEVO.

apple tv

The Apple TV has a compact design, so it can fit in just about any TV setup. I have a pretty crowded desk. It holds my laptop, my TV, and countless toys. Yet I still have space for the Apple TV, thanks to its smart, little design.


Another thing that has a compact design is the Apple remote. It’s slender and slick, with an emphasis on slick. I sometimes have trouble holding onto the remote because it’s so small. I do like that there is only a few buttons so it’s easy to use. It just takes a little time getting used to.


One of the coolest features of the Apple TV is airplay. You can broadcast whatever is on your iPad or iPhone. It’s very handy for business presentations or even some games.

I love the Apple TV. It’s great for when there’s nothing on regular TV or when you want to show a video to a big group. I would highly recommend getting one.


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