Disney Infinity Character Review: Anna and Elsa

I’m pretty sure these two were the reason most people got Disney Infinity in the first place. With Frozen being such a successful movie, it’s no surprise these two would make it as playable characters.

Anna review

Anna Review

She might not have any magical powers, but man can she fight. Anna uses a shovel for close range combat. It’s a pretty good weapon that can be charged for a powerful jump strike, or a painful 3 hit combo. She also has a climbing hook, which she can use to climb high places, or bring enemies close to her. Use them both to your advantage. Anna is a lot of fun to play as.

Anna’s Stats

Melee: ***

Ranged: *

Reflexes: ***

elsa review

Elsa Review

Let me start off by saying I really like Elsa. She’s just so pretty and I love her ice powers. Anyway, Elsa is a distance character who uses her freezing abilities to keep enemies at bay. Her melee attack is actually a long range ice beam that can sometimes hit multiple enemies. For a faster attack, she can throw ice balls that freeze some enemies into the air. Even her stomp attack freezes enemies. So be careful not to let too many enemies close to her.

Elsa’s Stats

Melee: ***

Ranged: **

Reflexes: ***

Anna and Elsa are available separately or together in the Frozen pack.

Anna box

Elsa Box

frozen pack

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