Band Review: Amaranthe

Amaranthe is a band from Sweden that’s a mix of death metal, power metal, and a pinch of pop. They were originally called Avalanche, but due to legal issues, they had to change their name.

I discovered Amaranthe on satellite radio one day. The song I heard was Digital World, and I loved it. I was instantly hooked by their unique sound and their mix of different vocals.

Amaranthe band members

Band Members

Amaranthe’s current members are (in no order):

  • Jake E (Male Vocals)
  • Olof Mörck (Guitars and Keyboards)
  • Elize Ryd (Female Vocals)
  • Morten Løwe Sørensen (Drums)
  • Johan Andreassen (Bass)
  • Henrik Englund (Scream vocals)


Amaranthe blends the harsh screams of death metal, the fast, powerful strums of power metal, and a bit of the techy sounds of pop. From driving songs like Dynamite, Drop Dead Cynical, and Electroheart, to beautiful, slow songs like True, Over and Done, and Burn With Me, Amaranthe has evolved their sound to be very enjoyable and blood pumping. I would love to see these guys live some day.

I’ve become quite a fan of Amaranthe. I love their music, their sound, and their albums. Defiantly check these guys out. I recommend these albums here:

Massive Addictive

The Nexus

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