Amaranthe: Maximalism review

Amaranthe’s new album got released about a month ago. Beforehand, I had pre-ordered the album on iTunes and got access to 3 songs off the album early. I remember from listening to the songs, I could tell this was going to be a great album, and Amaranthe didn’t disappoint me.


Album cover

Amaranthe keeps their tradition of having their A shaped logo in colors synced with the background. For Maximalism, it is mainly red with little splashes of black. The logo has an eye on top of it too.


While I had the album pre-ordered, I got 3 songs early access: Maximize, That Song, and Fury. These songs got me pumped for the new album! Maximalism maintains Amaranthe’s blend of melodic death metal and pop, while adding a nice dance vibe to their songs. The songs sound great for a party. My personal favorite songs from the album are Maximize, Boomerang, Fury, Supersonic, and Endlessly.


Maximalism is a great album for seasoned and new fans alike. From Elize’s beautiful vocals to the hard driving riffs, this album turns the heads of almost every metal fan. I give Maximalism 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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