Disney Infinity 2.0 Character Review: Aladdin

Aladdin is another one of my favorite Disney movies. Daring fights, hair-raising flights, love, and laughter. I feel he’s a great addition to the game, mostly because of Kingdom Hearts. Anyway, Aladdin is a street rat who’s quick on his feet. Wielding a scimitar sword, he bewilders his enemies with great speed.

aladdin gameplay


Aladdin is a speedy sword fighter who’s all about keeping enemies guessing with his fast reflexes. His combo attack is fast, but not very strong. This can lead him to getting swarmed very easily. Fortunately, his special move summons his lamp. The lamp summons a magic cloud that sucks enemies in, trapping them for all eternity in an itty-bitty living space. Aladdin can also his sword, which is decent for keep away tactics. Overall, he’s a more technical character.


Melee: ***

Ranged light: **

Ranged charged: ***

Reflexes: ***

Special move: ****

aladdin box

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