Hi, I’m Paxton Hawkins. I am an autistic man who loves video games. I’ve been playing video games for almost my whole life. Put me in front of any game, and I can learn how it plays within seconds. My love for gaming started with the Nintendo 64 system I got one Christmas many years ago. I grew up with classics like Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Super Smash Bros. Over the years, I loved the challenges and what I could accomplish. Years of gaming has greatly strengthened my hand-eye coordination, made me better at solving puzzles, and improved my reaction time.

Now I’m here to not just review the games we love, but also talk about Disney Infinity characters, create personal top 5s, talk about the people who voice our favorite characters, and other stuff. So check out this site, tell your friends, and most importantly, game on people.


Special thanks to my dad for getting me into blogging and for building my website.

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